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Spectrum Consulting & Integrated Services (EST. 2015) is a Pakistan based management consulting firm providing Tax, Accounts, Corporate and Technical Business Solutions through highly experienced and efficient Certified Accountants, Lawyers & Corporate Consultants while performing all the functions of traditional Law Firm in Pakistan.

Here at Spectrum Consulting & Integrated Services, we provide complete business solutions from Company Registration to Company Dissolution, Tax Planning to Tax Returns, Bookkeeping to Accounts preparation and Audit of Accounts, Trademark & Copyrights protection and many more.

Spectrum Consulting & Integrated Services is not just a consulting firm; it also becomes a partner to its clients in getting opportunities, facing challenges and obstacles during the business phases. Our firm is committed to providing creative, timely and practical solutions to its clients, in particular, business consulting matters.

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Years ago, when Pakistan witnessed the revolutionary birth of the ecosystem, facilitating innovative ideas, I realised the immediate need of a support system to legalise the budding start-ups by providing affordable legal solutions. Spectrum Consulting co-operates with clients in solving the hardest problems they face in their businesses. We do this by channelling the diversity of our people and their thinking.


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We ease your business by creating a pool of opportunities that allow your dream of hassle free business where you leave your company registration to tax return filing like time-eaters to our table.


Our Way of Success

Spectrum Consulting & Integrated Services was established in 2015 and now has become one of the premium names in Tax and Corporate Advisory firms in Pakistan due to continued trust by our clients. Our assorted corporate clients, who are present both in Pakistan and abroad, have deposed their trust in us and enhanced our experience and credibility. The firm has introduced measures to expedite all forms of business technical and legal activity so that clients are facilitated in all manners. We believe the quality of work done should be inferior to none and done within the quickest time frame.

The team here at Spectrum Consulting & Integrated Services has a deep understanding of Tax and Corporate Laws and Practical experience in its skillset. To get a prominent position in the market we always focus on innovative, timely and valuable solutions for our clients because we understand the commercial atmosphere in which our clients are dealing with complications. If you are looking to engage a consultant/Lawyer for your required services then you are at the right place!

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