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    Business Registration

    If you are planning a startup then you should register it. Registration of business is very important, it will give you many benefits, and it will protect your business and secure your rights against the third party and in the case of failure of registration you may have to face legal consequences. Registration of business is a primary thing for any business during incorporation.

    Individual/Sole Proprietorship Registration

    A sole proprietorship also known as a sole trader/sole owner is a type of business entity that is owned and run by one individual.


    Private Limited/ Single Member Company in SECP

    A company is a business that is set up as a separate legal entity from its owners. The words "Private Limited" or "Public Limited" are added.


    Association of Persons Partnership Firm

    A partnership is a type of business entity in which partners (owners) share with each other the profits or losses of the business.


    Trademark Registration From IPO

    If you want to save the brand name your company, that is the pride of your company, you must register a trademark for your brand.


    Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    Provides an opportunity to its members to involve in Chamber’s activities and meet Government officials, Federal and Provincial.


    WEBOC Import Export License

    Weboc system is developed by Pakistan Custom and PRAL, which is working on all terminals of Pakistan including Lahore city.


    Sales Tax FBR

    Sales Tax Registration in Pakistan for any Business is one of the primary steps in doing business as the Federal Board of Revenue is monitoring every transaction. Being a registered person.


    NPO & NGO Registration in Pakistan

    Spectrum Consulting & Integrated Services provides comprehensive legal services to non-profit organizations and associations in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.